Clue:Cold is an exhibition of forensic photographs,
from the early 20th Century, printed by
Stefano Amoretti and Mino Tristovskij - from origin
al photographic plates - using the
traditional/alternative emulsion technique.
Decontextualized circumstantial evidences lead the
visitor to investigate into a conceivable
crime scenario.
chicken lemon
non-places without humans are better places
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so bored of the mainstream… need some raw filthy grain!

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Diane Arbus’s project proposal for 1963 Guggenheim Foundation grant application
screamgrido, urlo, strillo
crygrido, pianto, urlo, invocazione, strillo, annuncio
shoutgrido, urlo, strillo
howlurlo, ululato
waillamento, gemito, urlo
bellowbarrito, urlo, fragore
hoopcerchio, cerchione, urlo, grido
bawlurlo, grido, strillo, pianto rumoroso
Brain taste
On the early morning of the 28th of January a man has found death after he jumped 500ft  from the top of the JP Morgan building. His name was Gabriel and only God knows why he did that. The only comment I can remember from the press is from a Canary Wharf worker interviewed by the Mail: “It was bonus week at JP Morgan last week so I hope it wasn’t to do with that”.

All the time I’m taking pictures around those buildings the police always get to stop me asking questions about my work and the reason I visit that place. They are there to protect corporations and their pavements. But they never mind what is happening inside those glass cages.
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That is the problem anytime I hear the click of my camera:I know something is happening. This ‘accident’ is recorded under the form of the representation of reality, the self-one I mediate in a picture. And when you are investigating into the present - eventually - the future leaks out. 

taken from my roof
2014 ©mino
Film Portrait
Derek Jarman writing on Lucifer Magazine